Getting Started

Getting Started

You will get an automatic invite to the github repository.
You can either just clone the repository or work with the project template.

There are several ToDo You's in the code to get you started.
There is also a ReadMe with some useful commands and Snippets.

Project Template

Currently there is a 2nd branch in the github repository called feature/template.

This contains a dotnet project template and the option to turn off certain features.
It also renames the entire project including namespaces.

To use this

  1. Clone the feature/template branch
  2. On the command line within the project (e.g. C:\Projects\Mirco\breakneck-template) run dotnet new install .
    This will install the project template locally on your machine.
  3. Anywhere on your machine you can now run dotnet new breakneck -o "CoolApp" to create a new project.
  4. To see the available options you can run dotnet new breakneck --help
    which will currently give you this output
Breackneck Api Template (C#)
Author: Mirco Benthien
  dotnet new breakneck [options] [template options]
  -n, --name <name>       The name for the output being created. If no name is specified, the name of the output directory is used.
  -o, --output <output>   Location to place the generated output.
  --dry-run               Displays a summary of what would happen if the given command line were run if it would result in a template creation.
  --force                 Forces content to be generated even if it would change existing files.
  --no-update-check       Disables checking for the template package updates when instantiating a template.
  --project <project>     The project that should be used for context evaluation.
  -lang, --language <C#>  Specifies the template language to instantiate.
  --type <project>        Specifies the template type to instantiate.
Template options:
  -A, --AttachmentsIncluded  Include Attachment feature or not
                             Type: bool
                             Default: true
  -E, --ExamplesIncluded     Include Examples to show off functionality or not
                             Type: bool
                             Default: true
  -S, --StripeIncluded       Include subscriptions with stripe or not
                             Type: bool
                             Default: true
  1. Optionally opt out of certain features like so dotnet new breakneck -o "CoolApp" -S false

This is currently in a different branch, because I'm not sure how this is gonna work out.
I don't want to add all the #if StripeIncluded ... #endif parts into the actual master branch yet.
In case people prefer to just clone the repo instead of using the template.